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Solar Gard Car Tinting Window Film Service Options

   Option #1:   Solar Gard UV Block Film

UV Block Film is completely clear and has No Pigment whatsoever, yet it offers UVA & UVB Blocking that helps protect the interior of the vehicle and the passengers inside from cancer causing rays. Although this Film has no heat rejection, it is still a great film and is 100% CA legal for the Front Window of the car.

   Option #2:   Solar Gard Galaxie Series Film

Galaxie Series Film also blocks the UVA & UVB Solar Rays, yet this Higher Quality Window Tinting Film has some Heat Rejection Qualities.  So, it not only looks great with several different Shade Options, it also carries a Lifetime Manufacturer Transferable Warranty!

   Option #3:   Solar Gard Ultra Performance Film

Ultra Performance Series Film which, in addition to the qualities of the other two films, this film blocks the Infrared Solar Rays using Nano-Ceramic Technology increasing the Heat Rejection Exponentially.  It also has several different Shade Options and carries the amazing Lifetime Manufacturer Transferable Warranty!

   Premier Auto Tint is an Authorized Dealer (#103286) of Solar Gard Auto Window Tinting Films.

XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Options

   Option #1:   XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Commuter Package

Commuter Paint Protection Package includes Door Cups, Door Edges, Luggage Skid, and Headlights Film carrying a 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

   Option #2:   XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Freeway Package

Freeway Paint Protection Package also includes the Commuter Package Film coverage; Plus the Painted Grills, Painted Front Bumper, Headlights, Bikini Cut Hood, Bikini Cut Front Fenders, Door Cups, Painted Back of Mirrors and the Door Edges carrying the same 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

   Option #3:   Full Hood and Fender Film Protection

Full Hood & Fender Film Protection including all of the above Freeway Paint Protection coverage; Plus coverage for the Full Hood and Full Front Fender Paint Protection Film and of course, the 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

   Premier Auto Tint is an Authorized Dealer (#1008982) of XPEL Paint Protection Films.

Custom Designs & Full Color Car Wrap Service Options

   Excellent Alternative to a New Paint Job

A Full Car Wrap is an Excellent Alternative to a paying the style or color of a New Paint Job. Plus, besides adding some protection to the current paint, it can also easily be removed.

   Perfect for Mobile Advertising

Getting your Auto Wrapped with a Custom Designed Advertising Graphic is perfect for Small Businesses to Advertise themselves Everywhere they Go! It lasts for years and can easily pay for itself in a few months of New Customers!

   Custom Car Wraps can change the Auto's look from Stock to AWESOME!

Custom Designed Car Wraps can add Unique and Amazing Style to Any Vehicle. Everything from Racing Stripes to Flames are available! Use Your Imagination to Make Your Auto Stand Out!

   Because Custom Car Wraps are Custom; we will need to schedule an appointment to go over your options.

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